If you have never heard of Hyun's Dojo before, hello! We are a community of animators, artists, and creatives of all kinds with one simple goal: To create cool stuff together! What started off as a small group of friends led by Hyun, slowly grew and evolved into a following of over 2 million strong. If you love animations, art, or just wanna hang out with cool people, the Dojo will always be open for everyone!

The New Website

The Dojo website will function mainly as a social media platform where you can interact with other artists, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. Instead of being split up into separate sections like before, we aim to simplify and combine everything you need in one integrated feed. You’ll be able to see featured animations and art, keep up to date with everyone’s activities, and earn points / medals for being active!

The New Duels System

Dojo Duels is a creative battle system where animators and artists have their original characters fight in the ultimate test of skills, creativity, and storytelling. The system will be receiving a total revamp, moving away from the forums to a brand new UI and automated system including new lore, a world map, character creation, and much more!

Background artwork by Soapy Bubbles
Last updated August 18, 2021